The Heart Is Our Higher Natural Intelligence
The heart is our natural connecting link to Mother Earth and the Universe, which integrates our own unique center of experience, awareness, and character with that which is beyond our comprehension.

The acceptance of that statement can only lead to the conclusion that the heart is our home ground as well, the point from which we burst forth into earthly life and by which our immortal continuance is sustained.

The heart into true nature of living beings is magnetic, silent, and still. The feeling of being there is like one of resting in a peaceful Heavenly lake, or floating in a vacuous space. As a magnetic center, our heart is the great generator of all our alive life energy, and whenever we empower our heart to raise our energy level physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Within the heart may we will also find clarity, resolve, steadfastness, intent, stillness, respect, justice, kindness and perceptions of greatness.

"Draw a circle in the center, leaving the circle empty inside, then extend rays of light outwardly from its circumference. This will add a focal point and also suggest an outreach into infinity." 
Where the heart fits within the pattern of existence? This would be a visual way of illustrating it for everyone. 
The heart is essentially the center point of stillness and peace from which one views infinity. As a being views infinity, it is activating all levels of potential within and around ourself. The love that we are, the one spirit, and the adamantine particles assemble the patterns of existence under the heart's guidance. A person's soul is the integrated oneness of love, spirit, particles, living matter, experience, deeds, hopes, and dreams which comprise his life. The heart is the soul's gateway, both into human earthly life and beyond into eternity. The heart is the timeless and indestructible source of all higher knowledge. It is the one point within each person where the inner and outer forces are the same. Within the heart, the will of Mother Earth and our own may be brought into harmony.

Clearly, the "heart" is something far more powerful and all encompassing than anything our common ideas would suggest. Therefore "The symbol" is an important one with powerful life-giving connotations. We just need to expand your understanding of it, expecially esperiencing that in outdoor moments of stillness and silence. Nature offers us costantly the analogy using images to show us how the life works.

Like the relative stillness at the hub of a wheel or the eye of a storm, there is a point within your very existence where the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual components of your life reside in a common purpose, in simple harmony. At that point there is no difference in space, time, or substance.

Alive body's heart expresses that presence physically. The quality of life it generates can be seen in the vitality and strength of our blood, in our body, in the body of Mother Earth. Blood is not an accidental symbol for life. Future discoveries in medicine will confirm that fact.

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