What is Ecopaesaggio®?

Our secret garden...
 ...italiano a seguire

It's ecologically sustainable biosystem, full of life... is a possible route.
Just choose the right essences, flowers, plants and follow natural ways. 
What makes some natural environments so compelling? How can we restore the health of the body asking for directions to Nature? Why natural patterns, those that nature has created, are more effective than others to live well? There are ways to design, manage and interpret the natural environment, so as to enhance their beneficial influences?

Yes... there are many natural ways in design landscape, agriculture and gardening! 
My way is learning by the 'Genius loci'... learning by Nature itself.

To build, to plant, whatever you intend,
To rear the Column, or the Arch to bend,
To swell the Terras, or to sink the Grot;
In all, let Nature never be forgot.
Consult the Genius of the Place in all
That tells the waters or to rise, or fall
Or helps th’ambitious hill the heav’ns to scale,
Or scoops in circling theatres the vale;
Calls in the country, catches opening glades
Joins willing woods, and varies shades from shades
Now Breaks, or now directs, th’intending lines;
Paints as you plant, and, as you work, designs.

Alexander Pope, Epistle IV, 
to Richard Boyle, Earl of Burlington - 18 C.

Increases more and more the number of those who feel the need to find harmony with nature, who have the desire of seeing flying bees and butterflies, ladybugs and lizards to welcome, to hear the chirping of birds.

Composting, recycling, weed control through cultivation of green manure or crossroads and consequent natural products, limiting polluting machines, with the use of organic way, with different management areas, natural mulch against weeds.

Ecopaesaggio also works strengthens your awareness and puts harmonious energetic patterns in place to assist you in your focus, creativity, enjoyment and manifestation of your intentions.

If you think a natural landscape represents a concrete contribution to the future of our planet, the ecopaesaggio® and its design is the system for you.

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